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Finding Polaris is the journey within to discover what your soul already knows… The sooner you learn to trust your inner wisdom, the greater the rewards.

Most people live their lives in accordance with the stories they tell themselves or the stories other people tell them about WHO THEY ARE.

For those willing to examine if the stories fit, or if they need to be rewritten, there is a much richer life to be lived.

“Finding Polaris is my daily textbook for being my best self. This book crystalizes what Bob teaches. It gives the reader a handbook for the high-performance journey. Written in sophisticated yet simple language, it allows one to bring clarity to something that is often challenging and complex. I use Finding Polaris as a reference to help me in my daily work. It has made me more alert and aware, better able to decelerate my thinking and concentrate on what matters most.”

Foreword excerpt from sean sweeney | nba Coach